Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hour nine... Second Breakfast

Now that we have completed hours eight and nine of reading and I have an hours nap under my belt… oops the nap was only supposed to last a half hour. I have continued reading Affinity. Why is this book so freaking good I can’t put it down. I think it might be time to break out some more snacks and plow through some more reading.  Second breakfast is a thing right... I think it is time for second breakfast.

Hour Seven... Nap time

Hour seven has come and passes. Everyone is napping in my house and I think I might join them for a half hour nap during hour eight. Still reading Affinity, I am almost to the section where I need to stop.  But for now it is nap time for me and the puppies. 

Hour Six... Addicted to Reading

Just finished hour six. I have been quite absorbed in reading this hour. I thought it best to drink some water instead of coffee, need to keep the kidney hydrated. I am still reading Affinity; I just can’t stop it is such an amazing read. I’m thinking I might have lunch soon a nice grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup.
            During hour six the mini-challenge was to post a quote from the book you are reading. This is the quote I chose…
“Perhaps, however, it is the same with spinsters as with ghosts; and one has to be of their ranks in order to see them at all.”

― Sarah Waters, Affinity

Hour Five... Puppy Love

Just finished hour five. Not much excitement in this hour of reading although I am making great progress in Affinity. I’m curious what will happen between Dawes and Prior? The next book I am going to start reading is The Hobbit, which is one of my list books. I am going to post a blog dedicated to it once I am finished reading. I’m starting to feel sleepy and the puppies are not doing their job keeping me awake.

Hour Four and Favorite Reading Spot

Hour four completed. I have finally had some coffee which made me feel like a more productive member of society and less like an angry cave troll. I even started to snack on my meat and cheese tray which is delicious. The soup is starting to smell good but I made a fatal error in adding the noodles in the beginning and they have turned to a noodle mushy goop but it still tastes fine.
Now off of the delicious food aspect of the read-a-thon and on to the book aspect in which it is actually about. I am still reading Affinity. It has really drawn me in but I know I need to pace myself because I have a set schedule of pages that need to be read for my Gothic Literature class. Affinity is that book I am reading for my final project, which is to make a website over the Gothic elements of the novel.

As for the Hour four question I would love to read in a little nook like the one pictured above. I like the snuggly alcove as well as the easy access to the books on the shelf. The only things that would make it better are coffee and my snuggle puppies. Maddison and Vinnie are also participating in the read-a-thon today and professional smugglers and cheerleaders. They love any day that I stay home from work and read with them. 

Hour Three... Coffee Time

Three hours into the read-a-thon and I haven’t made much progress in my book, Affinity by Sarah Water. I have spent most of the morning getting my snacks and lunch/dinner prepared so I can read for the entire 24 hour span. For lunch/dinner I made a large batch of southwest chicken noodle soup in the crock-pot so it will be available to eat whenever I am hungry. I also did two mini reading challenges for the first two hours.

So far I am enjoying Affinity. It started off slow but it is really picking up I am interested in where it will go. I have a large pile of TBR so I am going to be switching books quite often so I don’t burn out. I will also be consuming mass quantities of coffee today after my late night last night… five hours of sleep was a bad idea but so worth it. 

Our Bookish Childhoods


1.)    Going to the library at around three years old for story time with my Grandma Charlene. I remember we would walk there holding hands and she would sit me on her lap as we listened to the story.
2.)    The first time that I finished a novel. It was one of the Dear America books I couldn’t tell you which one though.
3.)    The first book club I joined while I was in junior high. It was the first place I could really discuss books with people my own age.
4.)    The Harry Potter series… Which I still love to this day. I would go to all of the midnight releases for the books and the movies.

5.)    I would always carry a book with me wherever I went. It was a rare occurrence that you would see me without a book somewhere on my person.